Speech of H.E. Ambassador Mr. Cihad Erginay, on the occasion of the Sarajevo Film Festival Reception, organized by Turkish Airlines

Cihad Erginay 21.08.2014
Welcome once again to the Sarajevo Film Festival and the Turkish Airlines Cocktail Reception.
We are seeing that the Sarajevo Film Festival is growing and becoming ever more popular every year and staking its rightful claim in the world of cinema festivals. As Turkey, we are very happy to contribute to the festival in many ways. This year we have six films showing in the festival, two of them being in the competition section. We have representatives of the Turkish film industry being represented very prominently. We had one of the most famous actors in the Balkans make an appearance. All these also thanks to the Turkish Ministry of Culture of Tourism and Ankara Cinema Association.

Finally we also contribute to the Sarajevo Film Festival with sponsors, without which the festival would not be possible. In this regard I thank Turkish Airlines, one of the prominent sponsors of the festival and it’s Director Ahmet Salih Kansu for their very important support. Turkish Airlines was chosen as the best Airlines in Europe and I believe they have carried the majority of overseas participants to this festival.

As some of you may know this year we also celebrate 100 years of Turkish cinema, one of the largest and prominent cinema industries in the world. So once again happy birthday to Turkish cinema.

Good night.

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